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What's on YOUR mind?

I regret not having a more creative title for my first post.  Hopefully we can get past that little uncreative blip and into something a little more well thought out.

The idea of having a blog has interested me for a long time but I’ve never really been committed to writing one for any extended length of time.  What would I write about?  My life isn’t especially interesting; in fact, it is quite repetitive and monotonous, for the most part.  That’s not entirely true.  I’m going to try to write these blogs without removing too much of the content I’ve already written, so if I contradict myself in the future, let that be a trademark of my template and a sign of my style as an amateur blogger.

I suppose what brought me here, to this blogger’s paradise, are all the things that go through my head about things in my life I find annoying, to be frank.  I know I’m not the only one who pays attention to the little things that drive me nuts.  Maybe this blog will become an outlet for my creative self to be set free.  I know it’s in there somewhere…

I also have this fascination for poetry that I’m neither embarrassed or ashamed to own.  I plan on including much of my writing in this blog.  I’m tired of the stale stigma that poetry is for girls.  It’s a way to express things freely.  Everything written is poetry.  Do you agree?  My writing may not always rhyme or be entirely literal, but sometimes that’s the best way.  And in my abstractness I hope you can find your own meaning in my writing; it may not be the message I intended to relay but at least the words I selected, in the order I selected them, made some level of connection with my readers.  In that way, this blog will have achieved something.

I will admit that at one time I was cynical of all things poetic.  I met poetry in the same way some see visual art: does a single brush stroke on a blank canvas qualify as a brilliant painting?  In terms of poetry, the question would be “does a mumble-jumble of words qualify as a meaningful poem?”  I will suggest that poetry and painting only have any quantitative value if the finished product creates a thought for its viewer.  If my short, two-lined poem is enough to make a reader think, then I’ve done my job and it is, indeed, a poem. 



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