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What's on YOUR mind?

I often overhear people who are dissatisfied with their life or things affecting it, like the people in their life, the circumstances of their routines. Here are a few of my thoughts and a message I’d like to share.

1. You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do and go anywhere you choose to go. You can dance or you can stand still; you can walk monotonously with the crowd or you can adventure where few others have chosen to go. With a simple smile you have the power to make someone’s day. Don’t be stressed if nobody smiles back, though, because they might not know what you know. Never underestimate the influence of a kind gesture. It can get you places.

2. You’re beautiful and although you and everyone around you knows this, it too often goes unsaid. You’re mentally stronger than you give yourself credit for. Admit to yourself that you deserve to be happy and you will be.

3. Sometimes work is redundant. Sometimes it is unfulfilling. Be proud in your ability to perform your job with ease and you’ll see new motivation to achieve. Complaining about your so-called petty wage will not increase it. With increased reward comes increased responsibility, and there is always someone who earns less than you. Don’t forget that.

4. If you surround yourself with positive people and positive thoughts, you’ll find that these people are doing the same thing. Think about that. Don’t forget to respect yourself, because there is so much to be respected about you.

5. We are our choices. You’re you. You’re the best at being you. Nobody else controls you. Don’t let anyone else determine your value to this Earth but yourself, and in so doing you may recognize that your value is impossible to quantify.

6. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Go out there and kick ass. Be awesome. Do the best you can in everything you are faced with, with the attitude that it will always be more than enough. There is no shame in achievement. Your thoughts are worth so much; pronounce them. Don’t be afraid to learn new things, even if it means what you thought before may be different.
7. Walk around with your head up and look every person you walk past in the eye. It’s a beautiful world around you, try your best not to miss it. Never question if you’re loved, because you know you are. Express your love. One day you might not have that chance.

8. Exercise. Socialize. Rest. Every day you can realize your dreams, because you’re just that awesome.


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