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Congratulations for having one of these phones. Get over yourself.

With the recent issues regarding Blackberry products, I’m tempted to rant on and on as so many have done before me. I have a Blackberry, myself. I don’t see the harm in openly complaining about the quality of service I’m receiving; we are a society well accustomed to complaining.

Anyways, this blog isn’t about my phone being a piece of crap – I am, in fact, writing this blog from my phone, ironically enough. It’s about the know-it-all people who are so high and mighty, so self-righteous, that they feel the need to laugh at us Blackberry users.

People who tweet things like #teamiphone or other irrelevant, annoying hashtags need to relax. You’re no better than anyone who uses any other phone. Congratulations for having an iphone; the day will come when you’ll have an issue with your phone and maybe then you’ll see us Blackberry users as equals. Let’s take a moment to remember the days before smart phones were even relevant to people our age (which insodoing is assuming we even need these phones today). There was no “technological divide.” People didn’t laugh at other people’s misfortune of being inconvenienced by something out of their own control.

And while I may scold the behaviour of my friends who have iphones and big mouths, I can’t forget to address the people with equally active twitter/facebook accounts who have Blackberries. Your complaining is getting old, in a hurry. We’re all going through the same issue, together. It’s a well-documented instance of RIM’s latest breakdown. We know your BBM isn’t working; we don’t need a supposedly God-sent broadcast from the makers of Blackberry, themselves, telling us that if we re-broadcast it, we’ll be saved. Come on, people. You’re smarter and better than that.

I’ll admit, I looked on Telus’s website to see what their deals were on iphones. I also held in the back of my head that I’d be in a total financial catastrophe if I bought out of my contract this early – something I won’t be doing any time soon.

The bottom line is that we’re all still people connected by the glory of social networking and technology. What kind of phone you have is irrelevant to this discussion. RIM’s meltdown and subsequent plummeting in the stock market may or may not rebound. As for now, I’m just glad we can still use our voices to communicate with each other. Let’s grow up, people.


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