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What do you think about the whole idea of destiny? Do we really have free will, or has everything already been arranged for us? How can we explain things that happen so perfectly, in such harmony with each other? I suppose we call them coincidences but there must be some explanation. I wrote this poem, Destiny about something I can’t explain.

I’m everything there is, ever has been and ever will be.

I’m the warmth of your heart
When she walks into the room.
It was all because of me
That you once were bride and groom.

I’m a cold morning mist,
Dew on a forgotten field.
And don’t you ever wonder
If to anything I yield?

It was me that saw you stopping,
As vicious cars flew by.
With no regard for topping
The speeds that I prescribe.

I’m the words you want to say,
I suggest you keep them in.
For if your lips part ways,
Lies come from within.

I’m the urge in your gut,
I’m the reason you carry through
With every single action
I’ve determined that you’ll do.

I’m the fear you have of time
When you lie asleep in bed.
But in my book of plans for you,
I’ll let you move ahead.

I’m a medium of energy,
Some believe in me; some don’t,
But I’ll make you believe in you,
When everyone else won’t.

I’m everywhere in everything,
I’m really just a test to see,
I’m all that there may ever be,
But right now, I’m your destiny.


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