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This is a poem I wrote about something we all do to each other. It’s called Lying. Let me know what you think.


We all lie.  I lie, he lies, you lie, she lies.
We lie so often that we don’t even have to try.
But why?  Why do we have to lie about everything?
From little things to big things, from middle things to big dreams, we lie.
We’re sly to our mothers and that makes our mothers cry.
We’re dry to our brothers and we watch our brothers die.
We tell white lies to our friends and our friendships become shy.
And after all this time, if I could take back all my lies and take the time to apologize, I’d do it.

But the truth is the truth is the hardest way through it.
And by “it” I mean life, from the day we can talk to the day we’re too old to walk.
And every day in between we’re surrounded by the shock and fear of being honest.
Each hour on each clock is a chance for us to wrong us,
Our lies are dark demons that somehow sprung upon us,
And to be honest, oh wait a second I can’t do that.
I hate it when I say something and then I hear “true that.”
Because the truth is there is nothing true to that.
One day we’re friends, the next you’re like “who’s that?”
And what we do’s wack; we’re shady so sometimes blue’s black.
And I don’t want to lose track of all the times I’ve done you bad
But it seems to happen so often that it’s really just too bad.

I can’t remember the day we threw it all away.
I have flashbacks of falsehoods in a faded shade of gray.
I thought I could believe you and put my faith into each day.
You thought you could trust me and all the things that I’d say.
But the reality is we’re both liars so I’ll just give my head a shake.
I was fake to your face, and it’s such a disgrace.
If lying was a race I might have taken first place.

And tonight when I lie awake, I’ll piece together the stories and my memories,
Our glories and our enemies.  I admired your amenities,
But now I’m tired of tricking myself, you never were a friend to me.
It’s hard to look back and to think of what you meant to me,
Because mentally it’s difficult when you pretend to be a friend to me.
 But was I really a friend to you?  I lied, backstabbed, and I stole from you, too.
So who was I to you?  At one time I was your number one dude.
And this might be crude and a bit rude but I was a bad friend to you, too.
I plotted and I planned and I brought the end to you.
And right now I’m looking back and I’m seeing right through you.
But I see through me, too so I guess we’re both see-through.

Help me, I’m stranded here on memory lane.
Putting together the pieces of my memory’s pain.
Ahh, what am I even saying?  I’ve lied like I was trained.
I’m an old window, and my damned glass is still stained.
I’ve been wild, untamed because being real was lame.
Sometimes I feel sorry that I ever even came
Into your life because I lie and my behaviour’s a shame.
I guess I took advantage of the tricks of the game,
Either that or I forgot to always remember my name.

This is a world where we value honour.
But on our death beds when our breath ends we’re all liars to our fathers.
And I couldn’t be bothered if you were bothered by all the stories we’ve all heard.
My life’s a book of falsehoods that I’m embarrassed I authored.

So now I’m left to make a truce.
I vow to all of you that I’ll only speak the truth.
I’ll go out of my way not to be a douche and never use the innocence or apathy of my youth to deceive.
If I ever want anyone to believe what I say
I’ll be honest and pray that peace seizes the day.
The truth and trust that took the time to teach me to behave.
So here’s to all the lies that I’ll take with me to my grave.
I’m done, we’re through, I’m onto the truth.
And when I see you, I’ll wave.


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