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Another bland, normal day goes by and eventually I find myself on the bus coming home.  It’s late at night now, about midnight, and not many people are on the bus.  The busses are really unreliable at this time of the night; sometimes they stop running even before the last bus is supposed to do its route because there haven’t been any people riding.

Nevertheless, the bus comes tonight.  I get on and there is only one person on the bus.  It’s a little girl, probably about age ten or eleven, and I wonder what she’s doing on the bus, downtown, at this hour.  I sit beside her, figuring we could both use some company.

“What are you doing?” she asks.

“What do you mean?  I’m going home,” I tell her.

“Well, I know that,” she says.  “I mean why are you sitting beside me?  Look at all the other seats on the bus.”  This catches me off guard, but I guess I should have known better.  “Excuse me,” she says, and pushes past me to sit in isolation at the other end of the bus.  What a society we live in, I think to myself, where a person can’t even sit beside another without being pushed away.  Surely, that’s not how humans are meant to live?

The bus ride passes and no more passengers get on the whole rest of the way.  I doze off for a little while and the trip is shorter than it would have been had I been awake the whole time.  I brush myself off and curl up in bed, alone, wondering why it is that I long so much for company while others, like that little girl, are so pleased being by themselves.

It’s a thought that manifests in my mind until I succumb to its complexity and give in to another day.


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