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What's on YOUR mind?

Clouds stretched across the city
As I stepped out of bed.
And I couldn’t help but think:
“How I dread lousy weather.”

 Into the shower I tumbled,
Waiting for the water to heat.
And I sighed to myself:
“How I dread time spent waiting.”

More bad news on the front page of the newspaper
As I prepared my coffee and toast.
And under my breath I murmured:
“How I dread discovering bad news.”

In the streets the rain tumbled down,
Causing more traffic than normal.
And over the radio I admitted:
“How I dread my commute.”

At the office the ladies gathered
Sharing rumours of the weekend.
And on my notepad I scribed:
“How I dread slanderous gossip.”

They continued to chit and chat
As I started my computer.
And to myself I cringed:
“How I dread my job.”

That night it was dark and cold
By only 5:00.
And I grunted as I shoveled the snow:
“How I dread this climate.”

The movie on the television was interrupted by commercials
All too frequently for my liking.
And toward the screen I yelled:
“How I dread this lack of rhythm!”

And at that time my cell phone rang
And I reached to answer the call.
“Hello?” I asked out loud.
A dry, scratchy voice replied to me:
“How I dread seeing you dread everything.”
To which I demanded:
“And who might this be?”
I was answered by a dial tone.

And I thought to myself:
“How I dread my own insecurity.”


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