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What's on YOUR mind?

Surround yourself with people who only emanate negative vibes. Convince yourself that this is as good as it gets and that you don’t deserve to be happy. Ignore anyone who might be able to help you. Believe that nobody else has gone through the same feelings about life that you are.

Walk with your head down. Complain constantly. Make decisions that please you in the short term but damage your future opportunities. Be unaware of those future opportunities.

Never go above the bare minimum. Find your comfort zone and never even think about leaving it. Never do things to benefit other people. Volunteer but expect to be repaid. Keep your frustration to yourself until you can’t bare it, then lash out at anyone who reaches out to you.

Be intolerant of others and their preferences for life. Avoid meaningful conversation at all costs. Depend on other people to bring you happiness, and whine when they come up short. Never acknowledge it when they actually come through. Always demand more from every situation, but never do more, yourself.

Be less active than a rock for long stretches of time. Never listen to music. Hit at least 15 bowls a day to numb the reality that you just don’t give a damn. Never say thank you. Suspect everyone of having selfish motives when they behave in a way that conveniences others. Disregard all advice.

Only use social media to bring other people down. Do not brush your teeth unless you are about to go to the dentist. Ignore many aspects of your own hygiene. Physically harm yourself for attention.

Give up hope.


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