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As I enter my 4th and final year of university, I can’t help but reflect on the journey I have had so far. I have no doubt that I am a much, much different person than I was when I started here. I seem to have told myself that over and over but I’ve never actually thought about how or in what ways. So allow me to illustrate, with the assistance of hindsight, 41 life lessons I have now learned to understand and appreciate, that have made my life better (for the most part):

  1. Professors are just people.
  2. My peers are a lot like me in many respects.
  3. There is no point wasting my time on people who don’t bring me happiness.
  4. If I only say nice things about people, less people will dislike me.
  5. It is OK for me to dislike people, and it is OK for people to dislike me.
  6. People will remember me not only for what I say but also for what I do.
  7. Belonging to something is an amazing feeling.
  8. Other people know things that I don’t know.
  9. My circle of immediate friends will change from year to year.
  10. Thirsty Thursdays are a trap after 2nd year.
  11. If an assignment is due on Thursday, it should be treated like it is really due on Monday.
  12. For the most part, OC Transpo’s service is a lot better than people make it seem.
  13. “Will I remember this tough moment a year from now?” is a great question.
  14. It is necessary to travel while I am young and able.
  15. I should take more pictures.
  16. Learning new things is actually fun and cool.
  17. Showing emotions is acceptable and normal.
  18. Many more things are actually within my control than not.
  19. Some things are out of my control.
  20. Wearing clothes that I like puts me in a better mood.
  21. I have a lot of nervous energy.
  22. I have to exercise every day or I won’t be able to focus.
  23. Whenever I feel like complaining about something, I should first think about why things are this way, in the first place.
  24. It isn’t my role to pass judgement on the decisions of other people.
  25. If I want to know the answer to something, I should ask instead of guessing.
  26. No means no.
  27. When I am in a club setting, I should dance like nobody is watching me.
  28. It is likely that nobody is watching me dance in that moment.
  29. I secretly do like dancing.
  30. I feel better when I focus on right now than when I focus on the future.
  31. Silence is OK.
  32. Some things in the world need to change, but some other things do not need to change.
  33. It turns out that I actually do love Twitter.
  34. I should not define myself or anyone else by material things.
  35. Not drinking is a viable option on most occasions.
  36. A good leader knows when to be a follower.
  37. I am complimented more when I am not looking for compliments.
  38. Being a good communicator means being a good listener.
  39. Every person defines success in their own way.
  40. Differences challenge assumptions.
  41. I made the right decision for me by going to Carleton.

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