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What's on YOUR mind?

I’m Mario. Modest university student by day, semi-boring teenager by night. Sarcasm is my first line of defense against the stupidity of the world’s inhabitants. Grammar is the air to my lungs.

Welcome to mymindisfine. I hope you can relate to some of the views I express, either in semi-sophisticated short essays (I call them rants, because really that’s what they are – emotional tirades about all of life’s shortcomings or long-goings), or through some of the poetry I occassionally write. I think this blog will be a good place to vent, albeit somewhat indirectly, about things that are on my mind. Please give your feedback and let me know about what you have to say. I also love reading other people’s writing.

Follow me on Twitter if you like some of my insights made here. @mymindisfine

A blog is an outlet of the mind. Alas, my mind is fine.



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