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Once in a while we are all pulled together by a common cause. Case in point: the Ottawa Senators. What explanation is there that an entire city, indeed one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in Canada, can be pulled together so tightly in such a short period of time? And seemingly so easily…

Such is the power of sport. We are a proud city, us Ottawans. While we are individually so different and come from so many different places and upbringings, we have this wonderful hockey team that reminds us of how we are, in fact, unified.

It was a truly inspirational year. The city adopted the role of the underdog from the very beginning. We weren’t supposed to accomplish anything. We squeaked into the playoffs by the skin of our teeth and forced the conference favourite Rangers to a 7-game series, won by a single goal on the back of sure to be Vezina trophy winner Henrik Lundqvist.

I don’t mean to echo what every newspaper will report in the coming days. But I do feel compelled to mention the emotional high that this team has imposed on the city. They are the one constant in a time of uncertainty for some; a staple in the lives of many who have lived here for a long time. They showed perseverance and passion that everyone should strive to replicate in their lives every single day. The magic power of togetherness is something that should not be overlooked.

I am proud of my team and of my city. We handled this loss with humility. Let’s all remember to be good neighbors even when the season has come to a close. Stay classy, Canada.


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